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We’re here to help. North Sails has a wealth of information that we want to share with you. Whether it is tips on getting around the racecourse, trimming your sails or cruising techniques – we aim to document our knowledge to help improve your sailing. Use our How To section to search for content and read about topics of interest to you.

Sarasota Bay has to be one of the most beautiful places to sail in the country. Its gorgeous blues and greens reflect off the sandy white bottom and a warm… Read More

Sydney Hobart 2018 aerial

Preparing successfully to compete in the biggest offshore races requires putting your attention to every detail. When sailing the Transpac, Sydney to Hobart (or a similar race that heads well… Read More

rolex sydney hobart 2019 north sails

Sailing in big breeze can be fun, exciting, maybe stressful, and sometimes expensive when things go wrong. Shortening sail quickly and easily when the breeze comes on is key to… Read More

sydney hobart black jack 2018

For the majority of boats racing offshore distance, the crew size will be between 8-16. To get the best out of everyone while racing the boat hard around the clock,… Read More

The Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race is one of the classic yachting events on the annual race calendar, arguably the most famous and difficult race taking place in the Southern Hemisphere. Its… Read More

How does North Sails make sure that the new M32 sails are consistent in shaping? The process starts with the layout. For the 3Di mainsail, each sail is machine-taped from… Read More

To help you prepare for the 2019 Winter Racing Circuits, we asked the local Star and Snipe World Champion Augie Diaz to explain about his home waters of Biscayne Bay… Read More

“Don’t confuse your weather app with a meteorology degree and 30+ years of experience.” Sailing Weather Service is respected world-wide for the experience and expertise in marine and coastal meteorology… Read More

One of the common questions we get at North Sails is “Which jib is better, the J-2 or the J-6?” The answer is: Both jibs are great, but they fill… Read More

How wide is your groove? Sounds like a question from the ‘60s, doesn’t it? In this story, North expert Skip Dieball explains the upwind groove and tells us what to… Read More

120 sailors attended a two-day Performance Seminar ahead of the 2020 Newport to Bermuda Race, which starts next June. Hosted by North Sails, with special guests Peter Isler and Chris… Read More

j70 mainsail

Trying to stay up to date with all the latest testing and sail development in a highly competitive class like the J/70 can be quite daunting. How do I pick… Read More

The 2019 Worlds are just around the corner. Is your team ready? Our J/24 Tool Kit will help. Scroll down for tips about boat speed, tuning, shifting gears, jibing in… Read More

Find your groove. Get your numbers. Be confident in all wind conditions. After countless hours sailing, testing, and competing in the Melges 24 our tuning guide will help you achieve… Read More

North Sails Expert Giulio Desiderato provides his intel on what competitors should expect at the upcoming Melges 24 World Championship. It is hard to say exactly what we expect to… Read More

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