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We’re here to help. North Sails has a wealth of information that we want to share with you. Whether it is tips on getting around the racecourse, trimming your sails or cruising techniques – we aim to document our knowledge to help improve your sailing. Use our How To section to search for content and read about topics of interest to you.

North Sails expert Zeke Horowitz shares important J/70 upwind sail trim takeaways from his recent experience in California, USA at Long Beach Race Week. Zeke sailed with Jeff Janov on… Read More

IC 37 Boathandling | North Sails | Melges Performance Sailboats

North Sails experts have been busy figuring out the IC37 since the first boat became available in 2018. In Volume Four of our class tips, we suggest solutions to some… Read More

IC37 By Melges | Photo Melges Performance Sailboats

The North Sails IC37 class experts sailed the IC37 for most of the 2018 season and are now coaching the fleet during the first three events of 2019. In Volume… Read More

Optimist Tool Kit | North Sails

Heading to Antigua? North Sails will be there! Our Opti experts put together this guide to help you prepare. There is no better performance test of an Optimist sail than… Read More

Leukemia Cup IC37 by Melges

It can’t get more exciting than this for the Melges IC37 fleet and the New York Yacht Club members. All nineteen teams lined up for the Leukemia Cup for their… Read More

Optimist Designs | North Sails

Countless times a sailor, coach, or parent asks me, “How do I decide what Opti sail to buy?” The answer involves a number of different factors, some more important than… Read More

The island of Antigua is excited to host the 2019 Optimist World Championship. This is a record-breaking year, with over 250 sailors from 64 countries registered. We spoke with North… Read More

A historic weekend in Newport with nineteen brand new IC37s sailing together for the first time ever, in fantastic weather conditions paired with a fun and educational environment. All teams… Read More

By Bill Gladstone Consider this scenario: We’re on starboard tack about five lengths below the starboard tack layline and about to cross a port tack rival by a boat length…. Read More

Etchells Tool Kit | North Sails

The 2019 Etchells Worlds is around the corner and here’s our Etchells Tool Kit for you and your team with tips and relevant information on sail trim, boat tuning and… Read More

cruising sail trim

Cruising sail trim priorities will vary depending on the wind strength. The easiest trimming condition is moderate winds of 8 to 10 knots, because you trim for full power and… Read More

Speed Reading - Achieving Balance | North Sails

All sailboats have a different feel when you steer them. Some have a naturally heavy windward helm, and some have very neutral or sometimes even leeward helm. All things being… Read More

A couple of years ago, I sailed the Bayview One Design Regatta (BOD) in Detroit with Skip Dieball, the Etchells World champion that year. Skip knows a thing or two… Read More

Whether you are preparing for the Worlds, a local regatta, your country’s nationals or your club’s summer series, we have compiled a series of speedy tips from North Sails Etchells… Read More

Team Velocity powered by North Sails

In the first article in a three-part series, North Sails expert Allan Terhune describes what Team Velocity will work on over the course of the season to peak at the… Read More

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