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Technical Resources

The name ‘Code Sail’ means different things to different sailors. What started out as a straightforward but innovative concept has rapidly evolved into a whole new category of sails. While… Read More

North Sails Design and Development teams have worked closely with top racing programs around the globe to apply our unique design and manufacturing capabilities to the inherent problems when combining… Read More

North Sails stands behind our products. When you buy a North Cruising Sail, you can expect quality. This means all of the two dimensional aspects of the sail (luff, leech,… Read More

Cruising sailors demand durability. Yet, durability is not an easily quantified element of sail performance. Predicting durability is a tough challenge, because sails are subjected to so many different forms… Read More

Cruising sail trim priorities will vary depending on the wind strength. The easiest trimming condition is moderate winds of 8 to 10 knots, because you trim for full power and… Read More

North Sails Velcro Stuff batten pockets are simple to use yet require proper installation in order to ensure maximum sail performance. Lay out the sail with the batten pockets facing… Read More

North Sails full batten mainsails come with North Sails adjustable batten boxes installed on the luff end of the batten pockets. Our batten boxes eliminate batten loss through “shake out,”… Read More

North Sails QuickCover makes storing and protecting your mainsail a simple and easy process, eliminating the need for a cumbersome sail cover. Following these steps will ensure that your QuickCover… Read More

North Sails full-batten mainsails come with North Sails adjustable batten boxes installed on the luff end of the pockets. Our batten boxes eliminate batten loss through “shake out,” allow easy… Read More

Fast and fun off-wind sailing is what multihulls are all about. High speed, high stability and close wind angles require unique sail choices. Cruising multihulls in particular benefit from specialized… Read More

Sailing multihulls have unique attributes: higher speeds, higher stability, higher loads. It’s very important that multihull sails have the correct fit, form and function. While finished sails for multihulls may… Read More

You know when it feels right. It’s that moment when you could almost let go of the wheel and the boat could steer itself. A boat in perfect balance. Racing… Read More

All sails can be described using four basic criteria – Size, Shape, Style and Specifications Size quantifies the two dimensional aspects of the sail: luff, leech and foot lengths, and… Read More

This is a very light sail for drifting conditions. Used when a full size, heavier weight sail will not pressurize or remain stable. Wind Seekers are commonly made in forgiving… Read More

Nautor’s Swan, along with naval architect Juan Kouyoumdjian, have conceived a new 50ft yacht. The Club Swan 50 places great focus on performance while staying true to the company’s world-renowned… Read More