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Brian Hayes

Brian has been a sailmaker at North for over 30 years. Starting out in handwork and layout he spent his early career in the Big Boat area sailing One Tonners and J35’s amongst other offshore boats. In 1993 he transitioned into working on One Designs exclusively where he is regarded as one of the most complete one design experts with knowledge on a wide range of one-design boats like the Lightnings, Flying Scots, Sonars, Shields and J70’s.,

Brian’s career at North has been well balanced including working in production, assisting with marketing and sales support for the One Design team and teaching clinics and coaching. He has won three Lightning Winter Championships as a skipper and been crew on winning teams in the One Ton North Americans, Lightning North Americans and Flying Scot North Americans as well as a two-time champion in the Sonar Europeans and 2-time runner-up as crew in the Sonar Worlds.

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