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Marnie Jenkins

Marnie Jenkins was introduced to the sport of sailing on a wooden boat in 2006. She began learning the ropes one by one and eventually joined the marine industry in 2008. Beginning with Stars & Stripes USA-11, along with some marketing, Marnie was a full-time volunteer charter crew, learning a lot about safety and basic sailing techniques. Not long after, Marnie began racing. Her experience continues to grow and she has been involved with many fleets on the west coast including, J/80’s, Etchells, and various big boats. Marnie joined North Sails in 2011 as the One Design Administrator for all of North America and has expanded her role to include overseeing the San Diego Sales and Service Loft.

Home Loft

San Diego, California
4630 Santa Fe Street
San Diego, California 92109

8:30 am – 5:00 pm
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