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Paul Van Dyke

Paul “Whirly” vanDyke has been pursuing his need for speed and innovation in sailboat racing for decades and has sailed in all the worlds’ waters, with only the Arctic Ocean remaining.  Holder of several world records including the WSSRC Round the World Non-stop Record (Cheyenne, 2004), a 24 hour speed record (PlayStation, 2000, 693 miles), and a TransAt (2001, PlayStation, 5 days 17 hours) a record that was unbroken for 5 years. Other notable accomplishments include a Maxi World Championship (Allsmoke, 2005) and being the overall winner of the 2016 Newport-Bermuda Race (Warrior Won). In addition to those records he has accumulated 11 Trans-Atlantic races, multiple SORCs, 15 Newport to Bermuda Races, 2 Whitbread Races (Fortuna, Chessie Racing), and an America’s Cup (Aloha) where he was also involved in the building of the boat.  Too numerous to list, Paul continues to participate in a wide variety of yacht and dinghy racing, along with foiling windsurfing, adding to his deeply extensive sailing resume.

Paul started with North Sails in 1983 and is presently a Performance Specialist with extensive multihull experience. In 2020, he successfully built and tested an innovative 3Di mold for windsurfer sails which North currently has in production. Most recently he is the Project Manager for the move to our new production and service facility in Bridgeport, coordinating the transformation of an industrial shed into a    30,000 sq. ft. state of the art sail loft and customer service center.

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