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Per Andersson

Per first applied for a job at North Sails in 1980, in New Zealand. They did not have a lot on and recommended he check with the Hood Sails loft in Auckland, who hired him on the spot. Twenty-seven years later, after working for many other sailmakers, he finally came on board with North.

Per says, “North has always been a leader in technology and where sailmaking is going, from art to science. My strong side has always been the art of sailmaking but I thought I’d able find some designers at North that could help me with the science!”

He enjoys being here because every day is a challenge, and if it were easy, he would be bored. “It does help to be able to spend time at some of the most incredible sailing waters in the world,” he adds.

Per admits to having two world-class mentors: the late Paul Elvström, because of his dedication to the sport in general and his sense of fair play on and off the water. Per read his book cover to cover as a youth and got to meet him at a regatta in Sweden in the 1970s.

He also looks up to Buddy Melges. After reading about him as a kid, he sailed and worked with Buddy in different classes, learning how to “feel the boat.” Being able to pick Buddy’s brain about sail shapes and sailboat racing took Per to a higher level.

Asked to advise today’s youth, Per says, “Don’t get into the business to get rich. It is a work of passion.”


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