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Quinny Houry

Quinten “Quinny” Houry is a Superyacht specialist with more than two decades of experience. Based in Palma de Mallorca, he works with both owners and captains all around the world to develop and refine the sails that power these incredible machines.

Quinny grew up in Kenya and went to school in the UK to study hotel catering and management, but he quickly discovered that he didn’t enjoy working at night or in pubs. He got a job at a small sailmaking company in Portsmouth, England, and over ten years he climbed the ladder: from trainee sweeping the floor, to running the downwind department, to joining the design department. Meanwhile, he learned how to sail and starting racing. So when the opportunity came along to become the head of production and head designer at a small Palma-based company specializing in Superyacht sails, Quinny took it.

After seven years in Palma and a brief stint in the US, Quinny moved to New Zealand, which in the mid-1990s was the epicenter of the Superyacht building scene. He developed a lot of contacts and also gained enough experience building state-of-the-art sails to start his own sailmaking company, back in Palma. That business was taken over by North Sails in 2018. “The exciting thing is what a good team North Sails is,” Quinny says. “They’re open-minded, and they listen to me; I’ve managed to find a place in the company that makes a difference.”

When not sailing with clients on Superyachts, Quinny enjoys taking his two daughters out on a 14 foot WETA trimaran. He also plays golf, but admits that “sailing is my life and hobby.” That’s a good fit for the person who runs North Sails Palma, the largest Superyacht sales and service facility in the world.

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