Continually pushing the leading edge forward, North Sails has collaborated with Future Fibres to engineer the next refinement to Helix sails – a cord that allows all the performance benefits of Load Sharing Technology and the reliability that comes from top-down furling. This load sharing system is exclusive to North Helix sails.

Exclusively for Helix Code Sails

This innovative product brings top-down furling back to self-supporting Code sails. The cords are built to the precise tensile stiffness which allows for optimal Load Sharing between the Structured Luff Technology and the sail. As the sail trim changes the cord to sail load ratio remains the same. The onboard benefit is a safe reliable top-down furl while reaping the benefits of a free-flying, forward projecting Helix sail.

Reliable Top-Down Furling

As the Helix concept has grown exponentially over the past year and a half, it became clear that bottom-up furling of 75% mid-girth sails was unreliable at best. The Helix Luff Cord (right) allows for top-down furling at a fraction of the size, weight, and stiffness of traditional anti-torsion cables (left). This, in turn, allows the Load Sharing and flying shape of the Helix sail structure to fly unencumbered by the stiffness, weight, and diameter of a conventional cable.