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Story Contributors: Maurice O’Connell, Nigel Young


The team at North Sails Ireland Took to the Water to Test Out the New Inventory

Brendan Coghlan’s new Jeannueau Sunfast 3600 took to the water recently for her maiden voyage. North Sails Ireland’s Maurice “Prof” O’Connell and Nigel Young and were afloat with Brendan’s team, testing the full inventory of sails that North Sails supplied with the boat.

The session was broken into two in order to test out the whole inventory. In the morning the mainsail and Code 2 (medium air) jib were checked and tested. The A2 (light medium asymmetric running spinnaker) was also tested with the North Graphics applied “Coghlan’s Artisan Bakers” logo looking beautiful on the 0.75oz sail.

Ross O’Leary and Joss Walsh from MGM boats were aboard for the morning session and they added greatly to the enjoyment.

At the break, rig tune and control systems adjustments were made before heading back out on the water.

In the afternoon, the Code 1 (light air) jib, Code 3+ (heavy air reefable jib), A4 (heavy running asymmetric spinnaker), A5 (very heavy air all-purpose spinnaker) and “Code Zero” (light airs close reaching sail) were all hoisted, checked and tested.

The upwind sails were manufactured using North 3Di technology. The Code Zero was manufactured in North fabrics aramid laminate. The spinnakers were manufactured in premium Contender Superkote nylon. The sails were custom designed specifically for the YoYo team’s usage, using North’s design software.

All the sails were photographed for analysis. Here is a short downwind video from onboard.

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Story Contributors

Sunfast 3600 “YoYo” on Her Maiden Voyage headshot
Maurice O’Connell

One Design Expert, Sail Expert — Myrtleville, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland Maurice "Prof" O'Connell is a man of many talents who can be found helming an Offshore Race Boat in the RORC Caribbean 600 or sailing a Mirror Dinghy in Cork Harbor with his children. “Prof” as he is...

Sunfast 3600 “YoYo” on Her Maiden Voyage headshot
Nigel Young

Loft Manager, One Design Expert — Myrtleville, Ireland

Nigel started Sailmaking in 1981 in Cowes on the IOW. In 1990, he ran HOOD Sails OD production in Lymington. In 1995, he joined North Sails, as part of the North-Diamond Sails merger. Nigel ran North Sails OD in the...