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Story Contributors: Mike Stark, Bill Lesnek


North Sails Service Experts from Detroit Share their Canvas Tips

NS Detroit Canvas

Although our boats are put away for the season and there may or may not be snow on the ground right now, it’s actually the perfect time to think about how to get your boat looking sharp in the spring. Keeping the canvas clean, waterproofed, and fitting correctly not only makes your boat look nicer, it also functions better as its main purpose, protecting your sails.  

Over time, canvas will lose its waterproofing treatment and will start absorbing water eventually leaking onto your sail which can lead to mold. If you start noticing mold on your sails or a heavy wet cover, its probably a good time to get it washed and water proofed. Exposure to the UV will eventually dry rot your stitching, Velcro and zippers and should all be checked over yearly.

The canvas shop at your North Sails Detroit loft is here to help. Not only do we repair, wash, and water proof your canvas, we also offer new boom covers, cradle covers, genoa socks, binnacle/wheel covers, tiller covers, and miscellaneous cockpit bags. With multiple color and fabric choices available, we can easily match to your current canvas or update them to something different. We can also customize any new or used canvas items such as adding sail numbers, boat name, or logo. 

Whether you’re a cruiser, racer cruiser, or serious racer, the canvas on your boat should be checked over annually to ensure any zippers, Velcro, twist locks, and stitching is all intact. Afterall, it is exposed to the UV and weather almost more than anything on your boat. Its never too late to stop by with your canvas and talk to one of our experts on the condition and what we can do to expand the life, purchase new, or modify old. 

Story Contributors

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Mike Stark

Service Sailmaker — Detroit, Michigan

Mike started sailing when he was seven, going through the Learn to Sail Program out of North Cape Yacht Club in Lasalle, MI. He enjoyed it so much, he moved right into fleet racing in the 420. He raced in...

Canvas 101 headshot
Bill Lesnek

Service Manager — Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Certified Service manager Bill Lesnek has been in sailmaking since 1980 and specializes in canvas and sail repairs. A keen windsurfer, Bill moved into the sailmaking industry after making and repairing his own windsurfing sails for years. He has...

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