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Story Contributors: Mike Stark, Bill Lesnek


Your Sails. Our 10 Point Inspection. Quality Guaranteed.

We hope everyone had a great summer filled with sailing! As the sailing season comes to a close, we would like to remind everyone that now is the time to get your sails in for an annual winter inspection. There are many advantages of getting your sails into us for our coveted 10-point inspection including an earlier start to next season, longevity of sails, and preventing minor issues from becoming larger problems. 

With our 10-point inspection, we will cover:

  • All of your stitching, edges and reef points
  • Review of your luff hardware, batten pockets, leech and foot cords
  • UV cover inspection
  • Replace tell tails

During the 10-point inspection our service team will also check if there are any adjustments such as re-cuts, or luff adjustments to help your sail perform better. While our 10 point inspections are excellent insurance for next season, we also offer major re cuts/cut downs, luff curve adjustments, sail washing, canvas waterproofing, UV covers, canvas and more. 

If you would like to get a hold of our service team, feel free to connect with Bill Lesnek or Mike Stark. 


Story Contributors

End of Season TLC headshot
Mike Stark

Service Sailmaker — Detroit, Michigan

Mike started sailing when he was seven, going through the Learn to Sail Program out of North Cape Yacht Club in Lasalle, MI. He enjoyed it so much, he moved right into fleet racing in the 420. He raced in...

End of Season TLC headshot
Bill Lesnek

Service Manager — Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Certified Service manager Bill Lesnek has been in sailmaking since 1980 and specializes in canvas and sail repairs. A keen windsurfer, Bill moved into the sailmaking industry after making and repairing his own windsurfing sails for years. He has...

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