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Hosted By Broad Bay Sailing Association

When Covid 19 hit in early March, many of the regattas on the Chesapeake bay that we have come to know and love succumbed to postponement and cancellation. One staple on the Southern calendar bay every year the Cape Charles Cup looked like it might endure the same fate. Traditionally, the race involves a race over to Cape Charles on the Eastern shore on Saturday and a race back. This year with a couple of adjustments, Broad Bay was able to host a fun event by having two medium distance races in great wind in the Hampton Roads area.

Saturday brought strong winds of 15-20 knots and rain, but that didn’t stop both the PHRF and Cruising fleets from completing their respective courses. Fleets had individual staggered starts around government marks finishing the courses in blazing time. Fleets included PHRF A,B,C, Multihull, CRCA, Non-spin, Cruising A,B, and C classes. Those who braved the rain were treated to excellent wind and waves to surf to the finish line.

Photo Credit: Donna DeSteph and Charity Gavaza

Sunday brought lighter air to start for the competitors on both race courses. Halfway into the race, a 180 degree wind shift and an increase to 15 knots forced crews to be on top of their sail trim and boat handling. This time, without the rain boats got to enjoy a surf through the finish line just after lunchtime with the rest of the day to enjoy time with their crews.

Some Highlights from North customers included:

  • Robert Radam, Grey Area, 1st in PHRF A, 1st in PHRF Overall
  • Ben Carver, Entourage, 1st in Multihull
  • Bob Archer, Bad Habit, 1st in PHRF B
  • Pete Hunter, Wairere, 2nd  PHRF A 2nd race
  • Ken Vinson, Popoki Kai, 2nd in Multihull

To learn more about North Sails line of racing, including club racing, see here.

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