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Meeting, Planning, and a look at Qualifying for the PanAm Games

North Sails Detroit hosted the International Lightning Class’s Michigan District members for their annual meeting in the loft.

Both Skip Dieball and Spencer Colpaert were on hand as hosts and over 20 members came to conduct their annual business. The loft in Warren, Michigan is perfect for gatherings and we have a number of associations signed up to have their get-togethers in our facility.

In addition to helping the Michigan District have a place to meet, North Sails donated food and refreshments. North Sails has enjoyed years of loyalty from Lightning sailors and this is our way of thanking those in the Michigan District.

After the business at hand was complete, Skip Dieball gave a presentation from his trip to Peru for the 2019 Pan American Games. From the qualifying event through the travel and meeting of others on the US Sailing Team, Skip shared the highs and lows of the high-stakes event.

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