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Story Contributors: Ervin Grove, John Bowden, Rich Bowen, Tripp Fellabom


A Weekend To Remember

Photo Credit: Michael Wiser

On Friday, North Sails Sponsored a practice/tune up for visiting schools competing in the Southern Collegiate Offshore Regatta. Teams ran through practice starts for an hour while acclimating themselves to their borrowed equipment. All teams had an owner’s representative onboard and crews were coached on the water by North Sails experts John Bowden, Rich Bowen, Ervin Grove and Tripp Fellabom. After several practice starts we ran 2 short course races allowing teams to perfect their boat handling and crew work around the marks. This practice would prove vital for Saturday’s conditions.

Saturday morning an A and B Fleet were met with nuclear conditions in the morning and a slight decrease in pressure throughout the day. The starting line was set in the Ashley River in a flood tide(with the wind) and a windward mark 1.3 miles in the vicinity of Ft Sumpter/Sullivans Island. Two windward leeward/ twice around races were run on the incoming tide. Later in the day the tide switched for race three, which made for lumpy conditions. The final race of day one was a distance race around the harbor with a finish off the Carolina Yacht Club dock.
The race track on Sunday matched that of Saturday. The first race started in 12 knots and the wind built throughout the day with guests to 20. Again three Windward/Leeward Races were completed before a distance race finishing at the Carolina Yacht Club.

The team at North Sails Charleston takes the future of our sport very seriously. Tripp Fellabom an industry expert for over 45 years works tirelessly with many other volunteers to pull off this event. Participants of this regatta are continually graduating and moving on in life, but it is always refreshing to see them at other regattas throughout the world.

For full results, see here.

Story Contributors

Event Spotlight: SCOR Regatta headshot
Ervin Grove

Service Manager, Service Sailmaker — Charleston, South Carolina

Ervin grew up sailing in the Thistle class. After college he moved to New England to "take his sailing more seriously". After a year with sister company Future Fibers, he made the shift to North Sails - Rhode Island. He is...

Event Spotlight: SCOR Regatta headshot
John Bowden

Sail Expert — Charleston, South Carolina

John started sailing very young and was a competitive youth sailor in Texas where he grew up. He started working for a sailmaker at 16 in Austin, TX. He went to college at the College of Charleston graduating in 2004....

Event Spotlight: SCOR Regatta headshot
Rich Bowen

Sail Designer — Charleston, South Carolina

Rich started junior sailing at Wickford Yacht Club in Rhode Island which led to his start in sailmaking with a local sailmaker; where he realized it was an interesting path to take. He started learning sail design in the 90's...

Event Spotlight: SCOR Regatta headshot
Tripp Fellabom

Office Manager, Sail Expert — Charleston, South Carolina

As a sailmaker in Charleston for nearly 45 years, Tripp has been instrumental in developing many offshore races and educational programs that have served the area well.