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The Perks of Winter Sailing with North Sails Expert Austin Powers

Cold Sailing

As the winter season is fully upon us (at least for those of us in the northern parts of the world), some of us are brave enough to venture out into the cold and continue to participate in the sport we love so dear. Frostbite racing happens at yacht clubs all over the country in various capacities. Some allow spinnakers, some do pursuit courses, and some even are brave enough to leave the dock in dinghies.

Whether you leave the dock in a 40 footer or a boat less than ten feet, here are the top 5 reasons to love frostbite:

A Late First Warning

Almost universally, all frostbite events start either noon or later which means we get to skip the worst part of every normal regatta: Getting up early to make dock time

Breaking Out The Foul Weather Gear

A lot of us sailors spend quite a bit of money on gear for sailing in rough weather, even though when the weather turns bad we usually stay at the bar. Frostbiting gives us the excuse to break out the “foulies” from the closet and show off our sweet gear.

More Relaxed Racing

The winter racing is a great time for cross training if you are lucky enough to get your normal crew to come out sailing. Switch everyone’s positions on the boat for each race so that everyone gets an appreciation for the various roles on the boat. Not only does everyone respect each other’s roles more, it improves coordination amongst team members because they see how the timing works from the other positions of the boat.

It Makes You Tougher

After a couple of hours out racing in sub 32 degree weather, 20 knots in the middle of the summer at night does not seem nearly as daunting.

Food and Drink

Let’s face it… after a long day out sailing in the cold, nothing tastes better than warm food and a tasty beverage back at the club house (whatever your drink of choice may be).

As part of the North Sails team of experts in Annapolis, Austin works with both one design classes and the local PHRF fleets. He is excited to work on growing North’s presence in Virginia and expanding the customer service offered to Southern Bay sailors.

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Austin Powers

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Austin started his sailing career at Fishing Bay Yacht Club in Deltaville, VA, racing Optis and Laser Radials in the FBYC junior race program and sailing with his parents on their cruising boat. The sailmaking industry was always on his...

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