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February 20, 2018


Get to know your local sales expert

Joel Caro is from Toronto, Ontario and started Sail-making/Sailing in Santiago, Chile in the early 90’s at “Mississauga Sails”, his family Sail Loft. He attended INACAP Institute for Engineering in International Business.

What do you Sail? How long have you been sailing?

I mostly sail One Design Classes from Wayfarers, Snipe, SR-21 to Etchells, Soling, C&C, J/24, J/105 and J/122. I have been sailing since 1993, so around 25 years now.

What Boats/Classes do you sail in?

I currently sail in the local J/105 Fleet 4 One Design Class here in Toronto.

What got you into the marine industry? Favorite aspect of working in the industry?

My family comes from a Sail-making background, both my parents started sail-making with Hans Fogh at Fogh Sails and then later North Sails Fogh Toronto back in the late 70’s. I basically grew up in that Sail loft in Toronto, so I started learning the trade at a young age.

My favorite aspect of working in the industry is being able to work in something that I love to do and to give our customers the best sails in the world while also delivering exceptional customer service. Another favorite aspect is being able to sail on different sailboats with customers with our sails.

How long have you been working at/with North Sails?

I have been working at North Sails since 2013.

What is your earliest/favorite sailing memory?

My earliest/favorite sailing memory would have to be when I was living with my family in Santiago, Chile, we had our own sail loft which we named ” Mississauga Sails ” (Mississauga is the city we used to live in). One of our customers called to ask if I wanted to go sailing on his J/24 at a regatta on Lake Rapel. I was 15 or 16 at the time and I said sure, let’s go (it would be my very first regatta and I had no idea how to sail).

My skipper picked me up and he said the rest of the crew would meet us there, and so the drive from Santiago to Lake Rapel is around 2 hours, so as we are driving about 10 minutes in, I ask why are we heading to the airport and he replied, “we are going in my plane”.

Long story short, I had no idea my skipper had a plane and that we were going to fly to this weekend regatta, so you can imagine the excitement, the flight was awesome and only took 20 minutes, we won the weekend regatta and we flew back to Santiago with the crew. The whole experience was amazing.

How long have you been working in the industry? What keeps you coming back for more?

I have been a sailmaker for 25 years, and I enjoy the competition and sailing with our customers with our sails.

If you could have any boat in the world, what would it be? And why?

It would have to be the DNA F4, which is an exciting Carbon 46 foot Foiling One Design Catamaran; designed and built to push the boundaries of long distance sailing (and because I like to sail fast).

What’s your best advice for sailors when it comes to sail care?

My best advice for sailors when it comes to sail care (this goes for both cruising and racing) is to take care of your sails (they are not cheap!). They are the engines for your sailboat, just like a vehicle, your engine needs maintenance and repairs, so bring in your sails at the end of the season for a Full 10-Point Inspection. This ensures your sails are in top condition for the following season. Lastly, make sure to store your sails properly, in a dry area and in a pest free environment.

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