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North Sails Certified Service Lofts Keep Clients On the Water

Service no matter where you are. With three North Sails Certified Service locations across the Midwest, your sails are in good hands no matter where you are in your sailing adventures. 

What makes the difference in North Sails service? The quality of work and the extra mile the team goes to make sure your sails are 110%. The three lofts expertise expands beyond sailors and sailing needs; the teams are able to assist with kiteboarders, windsurfers, canvas or custom projects. 

As Detroit service manager Bill Lesnek says, “the service work, it’s just a higher level of standards compared to everybody else, you know? North people care a little more, and put a little more heart and soul into what they do.” 

Beyond that, Bill shares, he is grateful to have a really strong team in Mike Stark and Karl Kuspa. “Mike and I work really well together. He’s got a lot of experience, and we’re on the same page. We all get along like a little family over here. Which is the way it should be, you know?”

This idea of teamwork is a common thread woven throughout the Midwest lofts and the North Sails environment. It is a consistency that holds everyone to a certain standard, ensuring customers’ needs are met, no matter where they are. When Bryan Sims from Toronto took his Perry 57 down to Chicago, he was connected with the North Sails Chicago team, where Perry Lewis has been assisting him in getting ready for racing. Toronto North Sails expert Hugh Beaton shares, “It is really great knowing that when one of your long-time customers starts travelling around the Lakes, that the North Sails team will jump in to support him with local advice and excellent service.”

The lofts work together on a consistent basis. If Chicago needs assistance, the Detroit team helps out and vice versa. The same with Milwaukee. Miles apart but the spirit and attitude across the Midwest lofts is the same. Backed by their years of experience, the team is ready for whatever walks through the door; whether it’s regatta service, annual inspection, sail washing, or a new UV cover. 

North Sails expert Tom Pease, with 40 years experience in sailmaking, from our Milwaukee loft shares, “From a sales standpoint I’ve found that one of our strengths is being able to support our clients throughout the Great Lakes region no matter what their sailing requirements or criteria might be.  If one of our clients that I’m working with needs help right before one of the larger events out of the area, the lofts in Chicago and Detroit are standing by.” 

Our team has you covered wherever your travels take you in the Midwest. Connect with our team for your repair needs today. 




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