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North Sails LOFT NEWS

October 23, 2017


Denne liste indeholder helt nye sejl, der sælges til fantastiske priser samt let brugte sejl, der stadig har mange gode timer i sig. Check målene i skemaet og se om ikke der er et sejl der passer til din båd. Priserne er helt i bund.


Line Item 256946
Sail Type: ESG Gennaker #32
Luff: 12
Leech: 10
SMG: 6.65
Foot: 5.50
Area: 61.00 m2
Cloth: Nylite 90
Comments: Red
12.700 kr (inkl. moms) / 1.705 € (incl. VAT)

Line Item 216967
Boat Type: Hanse 540
Sail Type: Code 1
Luff: 23.09
Leech: 21.24
SMG: 7.12
Foot: 10.92
Area: 144.50 m2
Cloth: NL 3.2/1.7
Comments: KF-5 thimbles
19.995 kr (inkl. moms) / 2.684 € (incl. VAT)


Line Item 237864
Boat Type: Swan 42
Sail Type: Jib w/ battens
Luff: 18.38
Leech: 17.10
LP: 5.34
Foot: 5.67
Area: 50.95 m2
Cloth: X-10 Kevlar
18.995 kr (inkl. moms) / 2.550 € (incl. VAT)


Line item 221249
Sail Type: A2 Gennaker
Luff: 30.7
Leech: 25.7
SMG: 16.35
Foot: 13.25
Area: 368 m2
Cloth: Norlon 150 White
19.995 kr (inkl. moms) / 2.683 € (incl. VAT)


Line item 254877
Boat Type: 30er Schärenkreuzer
Sail Type: S-2 Spinnaker
Luff: 9.50
Leech: 9.50
SMG: 6.74
Foot: 7.0
Area: 90 m2
Cloth: Superlite 50
12.995 kr (inkl. moms) / 1.745 € (incl. VAT)


Line item 244921
Boat Type: Mustang 30
Sail Type: Furling Genoa
Luff: 8.90
Leech: 8.35
Foot: 4.30
Area: 18 m2
Reefs: 2
Cloth: DIAX 060 P
6.995 kr (inkl. moms) / 939 € (incl. VAT)


Line item OAT88-001
Boat Type: 10 qm – RENNJOLLEN
Sail Type: Squarehead Mainsail
Luff: 5.72
Leech: 5.8
Foot: 1.83
Area: 9 m2
Cloth: 5.0 NLXW
5.000 kr (inkl. moms) / 672 € (incl. VAT)


Line item OAT88-001
Boat Type: 10 qm – RENNJOLLEN
Sail Type: Genoa
Luff: 4.95
Leech: 5.07
Foot: 2.30
LP: 2.28

Area: 5.61 m2
Cloth: 5.0 NLXW
1.815 kr (inkl. moms) / 243 € (incl. VAT)


Line item ODK103521
Sail Type: Furling Jib w/ Battens

Luff: 13.25
Leech: 12.43
Foot: 4.54
LP: 4.36

Area: 29.2 m2
Cloth: 3Di 760 Grey
19.900 kr (inkl. moms) / 2.671 € (incl. VAT)


Line item ODK105961
Sail Type: Full Batten Mainsail
Luff: 17.43
Leech: 18.24
Foot: 5.69
Area: 60.2 m2
Cloth: NPL Tour UltraX NorLam NLU350



Line item ODK105537
Sail Type: Furling Genua with painted UV
Luff: 13,5
Leech: 13,31
Foot: 5,81
Area: 41,5 m2
Cloth: 3Di NORDAC
28.000 kr (inkl. moms) / 3.758 € (incl. VAT)

Line item TR-2
Boat Type: Knarr
Sail Type:
Jib TR-2 til kahyt skødning
2.000 kr (inkl. moms) / 268 € (incl. VAT)


Line item ODK101111
Boat Type: Knarr
Sail Type:
Mainsail TC2 – Træ mast
3.900 kr (inkl. moms) / 523 € (incl. VAT)


Line item ODK101111-02
Boat Type: Knarr
Sail Type:
Jib T-4
3.900 kr (inkl. moms) / 389 € (incl. VAT)


Line item ODK101111-03
Boat Type: Knarr
Sail Type:
Jib Radian Dacron
3.200 kr (inkl. moms) / 429 € (incl. VAT)


Line item ODK101111-04
Boat Type: Knarr
Sail Type:
Jib Radian Dacron
3.200 kr (inkl. moms) / 429 € (incl. VAT)