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Working from Home has its Perks!

Meet Chelsie’s new co-workers, keeping her company during her time of working from home.

Tell us about your furry companion, name, age, favorite activities? 

My furry companions are Chow and Miss Poot. Miss Poot is featured in a beautiful North Sails scarf and is ready for action. She weighs in pretty hefty at 18.4 lbs, but she is on a new diet plan to work on her figure for spring (and little does she know, for the rest of her life). She has her eye on a local fella cat which helps keep her motivated. The next contestant, Chow, found a way to activate my printer and print the ink level reports to help out with my workload. He likes to be the center of attention. If things are not going his way, he enjoys eating things he isn’t supposed to, scratching pictures off the wall, and meowing. He also enjoys sleeping and climbing trees.

Do you take him/her sailing with you ever?

Miss Poot doesn’t partake in sports but she has modeled at a Nautical themed fashion show for big and tall models in the past. Chow did go on a boat ride once, but he literally jumped ship and we decided not to ever take him on the water again because we kinda like the handsome fella. They do both fancy sitting near the pond and watching fish.

How is he/she adjusting to your temporary work from home order? 

Miss Poot is still getting her beauty sleep as of 3:02pm and as long as the feeding schedule remains intact, she is A-OK. Chow needed a special space created Just for him in the new office…otherwise he threatened to keep pushing buttons on the printer. After that, he calmed down and went to sleep. So overall, I would say, pretty good.

How are you reacting to the work from home order? 

My position as office admin within the loft allows me to be able to function pretty well from home. After getting the kinks out, our loft has been able to formulate a plan as things continue to develop. Our priorities right now are keeping everyone safe, following the guidelines set forth by our local government, and finding creative ways to take care of our customers as we near the sailing season. We are also working on Plans A, B and C to make sure everyone gets their sails in time. We will have more information on that for everyone soon. So far, customers have been understanding and helpful with our shelter in place restrictions. All in all, I think everyone is working together to weather this storm so we all come out ok on the other end.

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