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The Grand Soleil 40 trials her new 3Di Endurance inventory

A rare break in the winter weather allowed North Sails Ireland’s Nigel Young to hoist some new sails with Denis Murphy and his crew in Kinsale.

The GS 40 was new to Cork last year and arrived with only cruising sails. Denis, the owner, has added some state of the art 3Di 760 Endurance sails and some V-Series spinnakers.

Working with senior sail designer Tim Corben at the North Sails European HQ the sails fitted the boat like a glove. Slightly underpowered with the old cruising configuration, the new sails are several square meters bigger, substantially lighter which has made them more powerful.

The new 3Di mainsail is approximately 40% lighter than the existing sail its replacing, combine this with the new shape and low stretch of the 3Di product we are expecting big things from the team in 2018. Read more about North’s 3Di technology here.

Nigel had the pleasure of racing with Denis on Sunday in Kinsale, with his Daughter Molly helming the boat took the wins in both IRC and Echo, hopefully, a sign of things to come. Congratulations to Denis, Molly and all the team for a great job in testing conditions.

Good luck for 2018, North Sails Ireland will be on hand to support you throughout the season.

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Nigel Young

Loft Manager, One Design Expert — Myrtleville, Ireland

Nigel started Sailmaking in 1981 in Cowes on the IOW. In 1990, he ran HOOD Sails OD production in Lymington. In 1995, he joined North Sails, as part of the North-Diamond Sails merger. Nigel ran North Sails OD in the...