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April 15, 2019


Local Seminar Circuit Team Travels To Erie, Bay City, Westshore, and Edgewater Yacht Club

It has been a busy few weeks for North Sails Detroit as we took to the road and did a hand full of seminars throughout the region. On the evening of March 26th, Loft Manager Karl Kuspa gave a presentation on downwind sailing (asymmetric and symmetrical) at Erie Yacht Club. Approximately 65 people attended the event.  The event was well received and we are always happy to hear the feedback.

 “Last night’s presentation was fantastic. Karl gave us great information that we will use next time we sail.”

-Jeff Benson

The following night, Karl made his way to Bay City Yacht Club to join up with local dealer Joe Parker to present on downwind trim.  The event drew about 35 people. “It is so much fun doing presentations with Joe” states Karl, “he has been doing this a long time at is a wealth of knowledge for the Bay City Area”

“I’m more likely to get my chute out of the bag”

-Aaron Ackerman

Next up, Skip Dieball headed to West Shore Sail Club on April 4th as guest speaker. Skip was asked to talk about Sail Technology.  A crowd of approximately 35 people showed up to hear Skip speak from him years in the industry. The biggest takeaway from this talk was the importance of matching the best materials and construction to your type of sailing and budget.

Ryan Lashaway, our Cleveland representative was the final guest speaker, drawing a crowd of close to 70 people at his home club, Edgewater Yacht Club. Ryan covered three very different topics including rig tune, starting tactics and jib and main racing, showing expertise in a number of different areas of sailboat racing.

“I am so happy that our Team is out there helping improve the sailing throughout our region. We have a wide range of expertise within our organization. It is fun to see each other’s strengths and weakness’ and how we can help each other. It’s really like that not only with in our region, but company wide.

– North Expert Karl Kuspa

As we have tried to do all winter, we asked for donations for a local sailing group. Thank you to the attendee’s for the monies raised to benefit Erie Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program and Saginaw Bay Sailing Community Center.

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