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Getting Back Into The Racing Groove

Man does it feel good to be back out on the water in a racing atmosphere. With the stage 3 reopening in Toronto and Peel regions, many of us were able to have racing “reopen” at our yacht clubs. A concept a lot of us believed wouldn’t happen at all this season. In this sense, patience paid off and we’re able to get the adrenaline pumping with weeknight racing. 

We had four divisions, small WS Fleet, DH WS Fleet, Large WS fleet and Ultra WS fleet, for a total of 27 boats signed up from both MCC and EYC. At MCC, our first race night on August 5th and it was a breezy night to kick the series off with. My body definitely wasn’t used to those movements anymore and was definitely feeling it the next day. We had a nice offshore NW breeze with an average of 12-15 kts; close hauled for most of the legs.

High Tea had a great night with the 3Di Raw Mainsail and 3Di Raw Furling Jib, taking 2nd in the Ultra WS fleet while Endeavour took 3rd. Koodos to their crew for nautical themed masks. Their smiles for being out on the water were beaming through their masks. Great Escape was flying around the course as well with their new light/medium 3Di Raw jib (Looking snazzy Richard!); and let’s not forget 3Di Raw powered Rum Kist, skippered by Bill Morland and crewed by his kids and friends. Fantastic to see youth out on the course, keeping us all in check.In the DH WS fleet, we saw Surprise take first with their 3Di Nordac, now called 3Di Ocean, mainsail, well done Dave and Wally! 

What is even better to see though is how MCC is welcoming other racers from different clubs, whose racing has been cancelled, to come race at MCC. A terrific display of sportsmanship and encouragement to get sailors out on the water. 

While we still love cruising, don’t get us wrong, it did feel good to get the heart pumping and be in race mode, even if it was for a couple of hours. The best part of it though, I have to say, was hearing everyone afterwards say the same thing, “it felt good to be out there again.” 

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