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Enhance Your Sails or Canvas


As we wait for an opportunity to get down to our boats and begin spring cleaning, now is a perfect time to get your sails and canvas work cleaned and serviced with our 10 Point Inspection.

With clean sails, and new UV covers you will be ready for the season. Why clean your sails or install a new UV? Covers older than 10 years offer poor UV protection leading to fabric and seam failures, torn and frayed covers tend to roll up with folds and flaps that can unfurl in storm winds leading to significant damage and lastly new covers make the boat look fresh and clean. Furthermore, exposure to the UV will eventually dry rot your stitching, Velcro and zippers and should all be checked over yearly.

Additionally, the canvas on your boat is exposed to the UV and weather more than anything on your boat. Its never too late to get work done on your canvas; our experts are available to speak with you on the condition and what we can do to expand the life, purchase new, or modify old.

Sails always come out of sail washing brighter, looking like a new sail due to the solution used. The sail itself is cleaner as the dirt is removed during the soaking process. As a result, the life of your sail is extended because you’re getting rid of any mold or mildew therefore it does not rot the sail.

The process itself is pretty simple and takes about a week to complete from start to finish. When sails come in we soak them in a highly concentrated formula overnight and then spray them down to remove any final bits of dirt. Once this is complete we hang the sails to dry for 2-3 days before completing our 10 point inspection.

In addition to sails, we also have the ability to wash canvas! Anything from dodgers to biminis to wheel covers – we do it all.

Spring Cleaning Services Available:
  • Sail washing
  • Bimini and Dodger washing
  • UV cover replacement for furling headsails
  • New mainsail covers
Contact us to schedule a drop off, or to arrange shipping of items to our Toronto location.
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