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A Discussion With Everyone’s Favourite Frenchman

Hugh Beaton from North Sails in Toronto chats with Quebec area representative Miro Balcar on his sailing career and what motivated him to join the North Sails team.

What was it that attracted you to become a sales rep for North Sails?

Love the sport, want to learn, appreciated the company’s quest to build the best sail. What motivated me to become a North Sails rep. was that after many years of performance sailing on Lake Champlain, there were only a few sailors purchasing from North Sails a product developed using advanced technology well suited for any type of sailboat .

It has been a very good 10 years –  did you have any idea that it would be so successful? Over 400 sails since we started our partnership on Lake Champlain is quite an accomplishment.

Quebec – Lake Champlain territory allowed me to work on many interesting projects in cooperation with Beneteau dealer Gosselin Marina, mainly with support of Guy, Christina and Martin Gosselin.

The market seems particularly interested in our Performance Cruising products and wanting to get the most out of their boats. What is the ideal inventory for a 45 ft cruiser that wants modern sails to give the boat a boost in performance?

To highlight some of these was supplying 3Dl sails for 5 Beneteau First 36.7 and First 40 and lately the new generation of Beneteau Oceanis from 40 to 58 feet. This new line of boats have modern sail plans benefiting greatly from three choices of the North Sails product line: NPL Tour, 3Di Nordac or 3Di Endurance and introducing Vertical Batten option to the Mainsail and 105% Jib helped profoundly to the sailing quality of these boats.

I have worked with you on some very interesting projects including several of the new Beneteau’s that require a Code Zero. How important do you think this sail is for the latest generation of cruisers?

My customers are also interested in purchase of Code 0, which they discover makes these boats sail well in lighter wind conditions and because of the furling system we facilitate to sell with the Code 0 , it is very easy to use by the crew of husband and wife.

Lake Champlain is certainly a beautiful cruising ground –  for you, what is the perfect day on the water?

My perfect day on the water is sailing my X yacht 46 in light wind conditions in around 5 kn TWS, in flat water, without any preconceived destination where there is quiet anchorage waiting to enjoy nice single malt whisky with good friends , before making plans for tasty meal.

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Hugh Beaton

Loft Manager, Sail Expert —

Hugh learned to sail in Barrie ON, where he worked with Lasers, 470s, Int 14's and small keelboats.  He started working at local sail loft during summers while attending University in Toronto.  While attending University, Hugh learned to design and...

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