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We’re Coming To You For Sail Service

Our team is making it easier than ever to get your sails in for winter service! Your sails have done a lot this season and it’s time for some annual TLC! Meet Karl Kuspa at the following areas to collect sails for annual servicing.

Pick Up Times & Locations

Port Huron, Michigan | October 25th from 6-8pm | Port Huron Yacht Club

West Michigan, Muskegon to Breton Harbor | November 1st – 3rd | Call or email to schedule pick up

What Does This Include?

Your sails will receive our trademark 10 point inspection:

  1. Inspect head, tack, clew and reef attachments. Inspect webbing & hardware for chafe and UV damage. Inspect hand stitching.
  2. Inspect luff tapes and luff attachments.
  3. Inspect for chafe at external hardware contact points at spreaders, shrouds, stanchions etc.
  4. Inspect leech line, foot line and attachment system.
  5. Inspect sail for UV damage and proper furling side (if applicable).
  6. Inspect batten pocket ends, attachments and fit (if applicable).
  7. Inspect sail body for condition of cloth, seams, sail numbers, draft stripes and windows. Replace or add telltales (complimentary).
  8. Inspect miscellaneous gear: Spinnaker Snuffer line and hoop, mainsail external flaking system, headsail vertical battens, UV covers, etc.
  9. Inspect sailbag draw string, zippers, web straps, and label properly.
  10. Sail report, 10 checkpoints, comments

One Year Free Sail Care

Recently purchased a sail within the past year? Congratulations – not just on your sail but also your sail qualifying for One Year Free Sail Care; another standard from North Sails. We proudly offer one year of sail care and repair free with the purchase of a new Cruising, Club racing or One Design sail. This program is honored anywhere in North Sails worldwide network of sales and service locations.

Annual Inspection

Annual inspection of your sails will help extend the sail life and maintain performance, don’t compromise! When your sails arrive, a member of our service team will thoroughly inspect your sails and identify any maintenance issues with recommendations on how to proceed to maintain their longevity. This service is standard across any North Sails loft due to our unmatched worldwide network means you get the same quality service whether you’re at home or in a distant port. Recommendations regarding UV replacements, re-cuts and sail washing are available; we do it all!

Expertise At Your Fingertips

Beyond this, the crew at North Sails Detroit are available to help with all your related sail care needs! You can speak with Karl, Skip or Spencer about upgrading your sails or with Bill and Mike on how to best take care of your sails including short and long term storage. Beyond sails, Bill and Mike are excellent craftsman who have great skill in canvas work such as bimini’s, dodgers or custom projects.

If you would like to schedule a pick up, email

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