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Sailors Fly South For The Winter Series Events

When sailors want to compete in the winter months, they head to Florida to sail in the winter series events since there are plenty of one design sailing fleets that are actively racing. Florida offers an astounding number of Winter Series events in various locations, so no matter what your flavor of One Design Racing, there is a series for you. No surprises here but it’s just great to see our local sailors from Annapolis representing down there all winter long. Check out how many of our local sailing heroes have made the trip down to FL to race this winter.

J70 Davis Island Series

Ayacucho – James Gary, Travis Carlisle, Edward Gary, Pat Isherwood, Lexi Foos

Building A – (Crew) Allan Terhune, Cate Terhune, Austin Powers

Columbia – (Crew) Ian Moriarty

Danger Mouse – Taz Coffey, Kristen Berry

Down the Line – Dave Manheimer (JWorld)

Phoenix – Peter Firey and Team

Planet Claire – (Crew) Zeke Horowitz and Mike Coe

Viper640 Sarasota Series

Evil Hiss – Mary and Geoff Ewenson

Caterpillar – (Crew) Austin Powers

Gnixe – Bill Vickers / Chip Steiner

J70 Bacardi Miami Series

NINE – (Crew) Ian Coleman

Empeiria – (Crew) Zeke Horowitz

Rimette – (Crew) Allan Terhune

Bazinga! – (Crew) Kristen Berry

Weight Up! – Harry Brigham, Keith Hahn, Shannon Lockwood, Ian Moriarty

Etchells Miami Series

Playmaker– Allan Kelly

Goombay Smash – Chris Larson

Shades– Geoff Ewenson

VX One Sarasota Series

Alternative Facts– Paul Murphy

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