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The Top Three Benefits of Winter Sail Service

Winter is now in full swing, and it’s time to have your sails evaluated. In the colder months when you are staying warm and off the water, you should think about giving your sails the same treatment. 

Three Benefits for winter sail service:

1. The sails will be inspected and ready to roll out in spring.  Our 10 point inspection covers all the bases to ensure your sails are in working order come spring.

Our 10 Point Inspection includes:

  1. Inspect head, tack, clew and reef attachments. Inspect webbing & hardware for chafe and UV damage. Inspect hand stitching.
  2. Inspect luff tapes and luff attachments.
  3. Inspect for chafe at external hardware contact points at spreaders, shrouds, stanchions etc.
  4. Inspect leech line, foot line and attachment system.
  5. Inspect sail for UV damage and proper furling side (if applicable).
  6. Inspect batten pocket ends, attachments and fit (if applicable).
  7. Inspect sail body for condition of cloth, seams, sail numbers, draft stripes and windows. Replace or add telltales (complimentary).
  8. Inspect miscellaneous gear: Spinnaker Snuffer line and hoop, mainsail external flaking system, headsail vertical battens, UV covers, etc.
  9. Inspect sailbag draw string, zippers, web straps, and label properly.
  10. Sail report, 10 checkpoints, comments.

2. The sails will be out of the elements of winter. No chance of a headsail unfurling in a windstorm, no more UV damage, and overall knowing that your sails are in good hands.

3. Cleaning. Did your sails seem dirty? Winter is the best time to have them cleaned, they are already off the boat and not being used. Cleaning your sails will brighten them and eliminate dirt and stains.

Don’t forget about our One Year Free Sail Care for North Sails under 1 year old. This program is honored anywhere in our worldwide network of sales and service locations. Every sail serviced by North Sails undergoes a thorough inspection designed to identify maintenance issues early, so they do not become major problems later on. An annual inspection of your inventory will aid significantly in extending sail life and maintaining peak performance.

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Ridgely, born in Annapolis, Md, has been sailing since he was 7 years old. As a 3rd generation sailmaker, Ridgely developed a passion for the industry at a young age. He has been sailmaking since 2013. Ridgely enjoys being on...

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