The Fastest 2.4 mR One Design Sails in The World

The 2.4 mR may be “the great equalizer,” but your sails don’t’ have to be. Maximize your speed with sails from North. With multiple cuts to choose from, you’ll find the ideal mainsail and jib for the conditions. Feel the performance of your 2.4 mR.

2.4 mR SAILS

2.4 mR NEWS

The first two minutes of a race is arguably the most important. Those first two minutes will define where you start on the line, and how much space is around… Read More

Eighty-four boats representing 14 different nations headed to Sneekemeer, Holland for the 2.4mR Worlds, hosted by Koninklijke Watersportvereniging. The first five days of racing brought the sailors an average of… Read More

2.4 mR Results

2019 Victory
World Championship
Megan Pascoe
1, 3
2019 Victory
Marblehead NOOD
Charles Rosenfield
1, 2
2019 Victory
Swedish Nationals
First Place
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