Performance Sailing Clothing

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Foul Weather Gear.
For Sailors, By Sailors.

Bored of sitting in your own private puddle on the windward rail? Or catching a wave down the back of your neck? Us too.

We thought it was time we did something about it.

So, we’ve decided to create our own foul weather gear. That’s right, launching in Spring 2021 you can buy North Sails foul weather gear.

We don’t take this challenge on lightly. We want it to work as advertised – foul weather gear is gear for foul weather, gear that keeps the foul weather out.

sailing performance clothing

We thought that now was the right time to tackle this challenge. We started by ensuring we had an industry leader to spearhead the project. We hired Nigel Musto – you probably recognise the name.

Nigel understands the blend of technology, art and craft – along with the intricate design detail – that makes for great foulies, and he was as frustrated as the sailors at the recent lack of progress. He knew that in other extreme sports there had been more innovation in design and technology. There were lessons to be explored from these sports in fabrics, design and detailing.

The next step was getting GORE-TEX onboard. This was mission critical, as it’s been proven as the only waterproof, breathable material tough enough for a sailboat.

With GORE-TEX secured we went out to the sailing community, both those within North Sails and those at the very top of the sport; the ranks of America’s Cup, Ocean Race, Vendee Globe and Olympic sailors.

There was no shortage of feedback, ideas or information… the hard part was to distill it down to the fundamentals that needed to change, and how best to change them. It wasn’t easy, but now we’re ready to share what we’ve developed.

This is foul weather gear for sailors, by sailors – the best you’ll find. Period.

It wouldn’t have our name on it if it wasn’t.

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