Boom Furling Mainsail

North Sails pioneered modern Boom Furling Mainsails. Working closely with boom manufacturers, North Sails has developed highly refined standards to match the specific demands of different boom furling systems. All aspects of the sail are considered, including luff curve and construction, sail size and shape, and the integration of sail connections and controls, for the most comprehensive features and detailing. North Boom Furling Mainsails deliver the performance, ease of use and durability to make the most of your investment in a furling boom.

Standard Features

  • Each Sail Is Customized to your specific Furling Boom System
  • Moderate Roach Profile
  • 6 Full Length Battens
  • RBS E-Glass Compression Battens*
  • Closed Batten Pocket Leech End
  • High Strength Soft Construction Batten Pocket Luff End
  • UV Head Cover
  • Adjustable Leech Cord
  • Exclusive Teardrop Corner Reinforcements
  • Soft Tack and Clew Construction
  • Stainless Steel Head Ring
  • Nylon Twist (Leech) Telltales
  • Yarn Flow (Horizontal) Telltales
  • Drawstring Sail Bag

Optional Features

  • High Roach Profile
  • Boom Furling Reef Points
  • UV Leech Cover
  • Spreader Tip Patches
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