Helix Racing Genoa

Helix Racing Genoas defy conventional design limitations and enable one sail to be used across a wider range of conditions. Engineered for Active Camber Control™️, Helix Racing Genoas make it possible to radically adjust and control sail shape and power while in use, using a Cunningham or halyard. With Helix upwind, you can increase range without increasing the number of sails.

North Helix Racing Genoas come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to optimize your sail inventory. Our range of Helix Racing Genoas is designed for maximum strength, low stretch, and minimal weight. Signature features of North Helix Racing Genoas include wider steering grooves, straighter exit angles, and minimum leech sag, providing maximum speed and pointing. Whether you need a Light #1 to power up or a #2 to blast through waves, North Sails has a custom solution.

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Standard Features

  • Helix Structured Luff
  • Exclusive Teardrop Corner Reinforcements
  • Lightweight Luff Tape
  • Stainless Steel Corner Rings
  • Adjustable Leech and Foot Cords
  • Spreader Patches
  • Stanchion Patches
  • Tell Tale Windows
  • Yarn Steering (Luff) Telltales
  • Racing Trim Stripes
  • Sail Numbers
  • Country Code
  • Certified Measurement
  • Zipper Sail Bag

Optional Features

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