Roller Furling Jib

Today’s cruising boats often feature a non-overlapping headsail with a larger mainsail as their standard sail plan. With easier tacking and furling, this makes sailing upwind more controllable.  North Sails uses our vast experience from modern race boats with comparable sail plans to bring you tough, versatile and easily trimmed Roller Furling Jibs.

Standard Features

  • Webbing Head and Tack Loops
  • Stainless Steel Clew Ring
  • Adjustable Leech and Foot Cords
  • Exclusive Teardrop Corner Reinforcements
  • Heavy Weight Luff Tape
  • Stanchion Patches
  • Yarn Steering (Luff) Telltales
  • Drawstring Sail Bag

Optional Features

  • Vertical Leech Battens
  • UV Leech and Foot Cover
  • Clew Board for Self-Tacking Tracks
  • Rope Luff Reefing Pad
  • Extended Head and Tack Reef Patches