North Sails NEWS

abril 6, 2017

John Harrop reports on his 3Di RACE sails after a year of use on Flying Tiger 10m Justice

A well known Southern California sailor, John Harrop spends his days off the water practicing as a licensed paralegal. His Flying Tiger 10m Justice was recently fit with a new set of gold North Sails 3Di RACE upwind sails, which John has repeatedly used to bring his competitors to “justice” on the race course! We caught up with John after he raced in the San Diego NOOD regatta to get his impressions on the sails.

“The 3Di RACE sails are truly awesome, a great plug and play product.” John reported that he and the crew on Justice had been able to try the new set in a variety of conditions over the last few months. “The sails are very sensitive and receptive to rig tune and setup. Halyard and headstay sag adjustments give the jib a great range of power and point through all conditions.” The latest application of North Sails proprietary technology, 3Di RACE is designed to be a practical and durable option for racing sailors.

“In theory, one of the main user benefits of 3Di RACE is sail longevity.  These sails have proven to hold their shape longer, and shrink less than a laminate. This is what I’ve noticed that makes the product unique in its own way, in its construction and materials. It is innovative and has proven itself to work exceptionally well for me and my boat.”

With a 100% corinthian crew, John describes their sailing style as somewhat conservative, especially at starts. The Justice crew appreciates the reliability of 3Di RACE, coupled with its ability to perform well throughout a wide range. “After almost a year of use, the main and jib look great, they trim well and produce results that keep our boat at the front of the fleet. We are not a pro team, and we don’t really practice. We trust the confidence gained by a well prepared boat and great sails like these.”