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Story Contributors: Hugo Rocha, Kei Takakuwa
Images © Bernie Kaaks


Teams powered by North Sails win all three divisions

Nia Jerwood & Monique DeVries © Bernie Kaaks

The 420 Worlds in Fremantle, Australia, kicked off the 2018 season for the 420 class. The big breeze event with big swell made for exciting sailing conditions for the fleets. The Spanish teams came out with fighting spirit, dominating the top three of the Open division and winning the U17 fleet. In the Open, a run of consistent top 10 results half of which in the podium position, ensured North Sails jockey’s Enrique Lujan & Pablo Lujan the win. In the U17 fleet another consistent event was raced by Martin Wizner & Pedro Ameneiro giving them a 3 point clearance securing the first place.

In the Women’s fleet Australians, Nia Jerwood & Monique DeVries had the home side advantage and used this to come away with the women’s title. Although they were tied on points with second placed boat, 6 bullets on their scoreboard ensured their victory.

Congratulations to all teams sailing with North Sails inventories and good luck for the rest of 2018, this was a fantastic start to the season.

North designs used by the World Champions:

Open: M-9 mainsail, J-13 jib, S-05 Spinnaker

Ladies: M-9 mainsail, J-12 jib, S-01 Spinnaker

U17: M-9 mainsail, J-12 jib, S-05 Spinnaker

If you are interested in any North Sails 420 products, contact your class expert.

Enrique Lujan & Pablo Lujan © Bernie Kaaks
Martin Wizner & Pedro Ameneiro © Bernie Kaaks
420 World Championship
1  Enrique Lujan & Pablo Lujan
2*  Albert Torres & Francisco Mulet
4  Enzo Balanger & Gaultier Tallieu
5  Thomas Andre & Justin Baradat
9  Eduard Ferrer & Carlos De Maqua
10  Elias Aretz & Pablo Garcia
1  Nia Jerwood & Monique DeVries
4  Sophie McIntosh & Orla Mulholland-Patterson
6  Sophie Jackson & Laura Thomson
7  María Caba & Pilar Caba
8  Solène Mariani & Maude Schmid
9  Clara Olive & Solenza Mariani
Under 17
1  Martin Wizner & Pedro Ameneiro
4  Pol Marsans & Alex Marsans
5  Jack Lewis & Charlie Bacon
7  Tommaso Salvette & Giovanni Sandrini
8  Ariadni-Paraskevi Spanaki & Myrto Papadopoulou
* Denotes Partial North Sails Inventory

Story Contributors

Clean Sweep at 420 Worlds headshot
Hugo Rocha

One Design Expert, Sail Expert —

Clean Sweep at 420 Worlds headshot
Kei Takakuwa

One Design Expert — Yokohama, Japan

Kei has been a member of the North Sails team since 1996, working in sales and in sail design development at the loft in Yokohama, Japan. In addition to giving him the opportunity to work with top sailors and coaches, he finds...

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