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Stefano Gattini nations trophy north sails 2019
馃摳 Stefano Gattini / The Nations Trophy 2019

2019 marked the worldwide debut of the new ClubSwan 36, and getting the first boat sailing was a big step. Our ClubSwan 36 experts all played a part in getting the boat up to speed: working closely with the yacht designers, understanding the rig configuration, and testing our sail designs.

Even before the first boat hit the water, we were working on sail designs that would give clients the best performance. 鈥淏eing in direct contact with the class and Swan helped us get ahead of the curve,鈥 says North Sails class expert Arnd Howar. 鈥淲e adopted our designs to the latest adjustments by working directly with the Swan team and designers.鈥

Four boats competed in the Nations Trophy at the end of the summer, and North Sails couldn鈥檛 be more excited about the future of the class. With 15 boats in production, there will be a strong fleet by the end of 2020.

鈥淭he ClubSwan 36 is the perfect size,鈥 says Arnd. 鈥淣o grinders are needed, no 鈥榮uper鈥 athletes or extra strong sailors are required. The boat is very manageable for anyone to race well. 3Di helps keep the sail weights down and there are enough jobs onboard to keep six sailors busy and enjoying sailing the boat.鈥

Stefano Gattini nations trophy north sails 2019
馃摳 Stefano Gattini / The Nations Trophy 2019

The 36 is fun to sail because it鈥檚 designed well, he adds. 鈥淚t鈥檚 fast and maintains the lifestyle brand of Nautor Swan. There are many events in great sailing locations to meet new people, get some great racing in, and enjoy the social scene. Racing the ClubSwan 36 will give sailors the chance to race against a wide spectrum of talents.鈥

To prepare for the 2020 season, North will continue to refine the sail designs to match new class rules. 鈥淒evelopments such as a higher ISP (higher spinnaker hoist), that was decided after hours of sail testing,鈥 Arnd explains.

鈥2019 was a test for everyone, and now we can spend more time fine-tuning the best products for clients,鈥 he says. 鈥淏ecause of the open communication between North and boat owners, we can ensure the best possible result for clients at the very first event in Palma in 2020.鈥

Class expert Stefano Orlandi is also looking forward to the second season. 鈥淥ur design leader will be Giovanni Cassinari, one of the top designers here at North Sails. Combining our technology and knowledge with his鈥攚e couldn鈥檛 think of a better person for the job.鈥

馃摳Giulio Testa / The Nations Trophy 2019

Stefano is hoping to get more training events and clinics on the calendar, to work one on one with each team and each owner. 鈥淭his year we will get even more involved with the class, as well as with the boat yard and designers.鈥

Marko Marinovic, the North Sails expert in Split, Croatia, has been quite hands-on when it comes to the ClubSwan 36 push. His team spent much of September 2019 testing the class inventory (mainsail, light/medium聽jib, heavy air jib, A2 and A5), and getting ready for the Nations Cup. 鈥淓very day spent on the water is a good thing,鈥 he says. 鈥淲e are always finding ways to improve. The success at the Nations Trophy was a great way to end the racing season, and the team was chomping at the bit to make more progress in sail development.

鈥淭here is no doubt 3Di RAW fits the bill for this boat,鈥 Marko continues. 鈥淚t will be crucial for boat speed.鈥

Winter plans include evolving the class sail design, says Ivan Kljakovic-Gaspic, North Sails client and ClubSwan 36 fleet manager in Croatia. 鈥淲e鈥檝e got all we need here in Split, with three boats to maximize our time on the water. Working with Nautor Swan and North, we plan to finalize the tuning guide and compete in the winter league, which is Split鈥檚 winter sailing series.鈥

North Sails Croatia plans to set up two clinics leading up to the first event of the season: one in March, and one in April. There will be five regattas this season, ending with the World Championship in October. 芦We are very excited to see the fleet progress,禄 says Marko.

鈥淚n the last few weeks, Giovanni Cassinari and Michele Melandra have been working hard to make improvements in sail shape,鈥 Stefano says. 鈥淥ur goals this year are to get our clients at the top end of the podium. A new boat means a new challenge, and that鈥檚 what we enjoy here at North Sails.鈥

Stefano Gattini ClubSwan 36 The Nations Trophy 2019
馃摳 Stefano Gattini / The Nations Trophy 2019

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