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The President of North Sails and Offshore Veteran Talks About his Journey in Sailing and Leading the Industry’s Most Innovative Sailmaker

A formidable force in the marine industry Ken Read has three Ocean Races under his belt, has been a part of three America’s Cup campaigns, has collected more than a handful of offshore sailing records, and has seen more of the planet’s oceans than most people. He is a two time Rolex Yachtsman of the Year, has won nine world championships and is considered one of the world’s most accomplished and celebrated sailors. Read’s career at North Sails began in 1996, but in 2013, Read stepped up to helm North Sails as a business leader, taking on the role of President of North Sails Group. As one of the most influential figures in sailing, Read is an expert, not just on the water, but in running one of the most successful global brands in the marine market. Ken Read’s legacy at North Sails is a testament to why strategists often refer to businesses as ‘a ship’ and Read has mastered the ability to run a tight crew.

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Ken Read

President — Global Headquarters | Newport, Rhode Island

Ken is one of the world’s most accomplished and celebrated sailors. He won the US Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award twice and has won nine World Championships. He joined North Sails in 1996 when the company acquired the sailmaking business...