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Burns joined North Sails in 1988 straight from the University of Auckland, where he was the first person to graduate from the Yacht Research Unit. For the next few years he learned sail design, interacting with many of the top trimmers of the day. His sail designs have since appeared on many top level racing programs.

Burns designed his first Superyacht sails in 1991 and he has been involved with over 50 Superyacht projects since that time.

From 1993 until 2013, Burns was a member of Team New Zealand (now Emirates Team New Zealand) through five America’s Cup campaigns and two victories. He was head of the Sail program, and in the 2013 campaign he also headed the Wing Aero development team for the AC72 foiling catamarans.

Burns was Managing Director of North Sails New Zealand from 2008 until 2014. He has recently taken up the post of Global Superyacht Manager for North Sails, a job combining design and management skills.

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