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Nieulargo is a Family Run Boat, Where the Women Take the Lead Onboard


For the past two weekends I (Nigel Young) have been sailing with Denis Murphy and his Family and friends on Nieulargo the Grand Soleil 40 from the Royal Cork Yacht Club. One thing that is very apparent sailing with this team, is the number of women involved in getting the best out of the boat.

Molly is helming and doing a great job, she is only 17 years old but has a very seasoned outlook to her sailing and gets great speed out of the boat. Her younger sister Mia is also often found in the cockpit looking after the jib and spinnaker trim. Then there is the Team Boss Annamarie, she quietly goes about her business packing spinnakers and generally looking after the mid section of the boat and keeping the boys in check!

More often than not it’s the boys who get all the glory, but on Nieulargo the key jobs are spread between the sexes and it’s been great fun to play a small part in this mixed team.

Good luck for the rest of the season from us all at North Sails Ireland.


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Nigel Young

Myrtleville, Ireland

Nigel started Sailmaking in 1981 in Cowes on the IOW. In 1990, he ran HOOD Sails OD production in Lymington. In 1995, he joined North Sails, as part of the North-Diamond Sails merger. Nigel ran North Sails OD in the...

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