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J/88 Tuning Guide Updated After Sail Testing Conclusions

The North Sails One Design team would like to share the latest J/88 tuning information with you. After a successful two days of sail testing in a wide range of conditions, we found that a few small changes were helpful to optimize sail shape and increase overall speed. The changes that we made are in the upper range of the rig tune. These changes were made to help stiffen the mast so that more backstay tension can be used to control main depth and increase headstay tension. This increase in  headstay tension is necessary to keep the jib as flat as possible in 15 knots and above. Here is the quick tune chart with the new tighter tensions for the D1s and D2s for the 15 knots and above settings.

Click to download:  J/88 Tuning Guide | J/88 Quick Tuning Chart

Below: Tim Healy recap findings from testing sessions in the J/88. In this video, learn tips on J/88 rig tune, jib in-hauling, and sailing wing-on-wing.

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