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Story Contributors: Ruairidh Scott, Tim Healy, Allan Terhune


Downwind Techniques

In this J/70 webinar,  North Sails experts Tim Healy, Ruairidh Scott and Allan Terhune talk winning downwind techniques.

Topics covered include:

  • 3:21 Displacement VMG Mode (2-7 knots)
  • 15:31 Displacement Soak Mode (8-12 knots)
  • 25:14 Displacement Wing-on-Wing (8-13 knots)
  • 47:15 Marginal Lazy Planing (14-16 knots)
  • 1:01:28 Planing (16 knots)

Learn more about North Sails fast J/70 designs.

Story Contributors

Let’s Talk J/70 | Downwind Techniques headshot
Ruairidh Scott

Sail Designer — Gosport, United Kingdom

Ruairidh Scott is a World Champion in the J/70, J/80 and J/111 classes, as well as European Champion in the Swan 45, J/70, and 1720.

Let’s Talk J/70 | Downwind Techniques headshot
Tim Healy

Global Head of Sales — Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Tim has won 18 major titles, including three World Championships. A three-time All-American Sailor at St. Mary’s College in Maryland, Healy also won a Gold Medal at the 2003 Pan American Games. His success in the J/70 class includes North...

Let’s Talk J/70 | Downwind Techniques headshot
Allan Terhune

One Design Expert — Annapolis, Maryland

Allan Terhune, Jr., has won eleven North American Championships (in the Lightning, Flying Scot and Thistle Classes) and was crowned the 2013 J/22 World Champion. Allan is also a class expert in the Etchells, J/70, J/80, J/88, J/105, J/111 with...

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