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Story Contributors: Ruairidh Scott, Zeke Horowitz


New J/70 Designs, New Tuning Recommendations

After countless hours of sailing, testing, and competing in the J/70 fleet, our experts have updated the North Sails Tuning Guide. This guide is your go-to for recommendations and tips that will make it easy to get you up to race-winning speed with our World Championship winning sails. As we learn more about the J/70, we update information surrounding boat setup, tuning, and trimming techniques.

“With the introduction of the new sails to the J/70 inventory, the XCS-4 mainsail and J-2+ Jib, we revised the entire tuning guide making it easier to be followed. Two new Quick Tuning Charts were added; Rig Tension and Jib Trim, as well as new rake recommendations,” said Class Leader and current World Champion, Ruairidh Scott.

The Tuning Guide is a recommended starting point based on what we learned on the water. We encourage teams to explore and adjust the recommendations based on sailing style and preferences. And as always, contact your North Sails expert for all the most up-to-date information and for help tuning your boat.


Story Contributors

North Sails Releases New J/70 Tuning Guide headshot
Ruairidh Scott

Sail Designer — Gosport, United Kingdom

Ruairidh Scott is a World Champion in the J/70, J/80 and J/111 classes, as well as European Champion in the Swan 45, J/70, and 1720.

North Sails Releases New J/70 Tuning Guide headshot
Zeke Horowitz

One Design Expert — Annapolis, Maryland

Zeke Horowitz grew up in Sarasota, Fla. where he quickly took to sailing and began racing in the Optimist Class at the age of nine. His Optimist racing took him all over the world and inspired his passion for sailing...

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