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Stjepan Marinovic

Stjepan Marinovic is the manager of North Sails Croatia, where he works with his brother, Marko. Fluent in English, he also speaks French and Italian and is comfortable in multi-cultural situations both on and off the water.

Stjepan grew up on an island in a family with a strong maritime tradition. After graduating from the University of Split, he spent winters at sea doing maritime search and rescue operations and supervising the loading of ocean-going ships. In summer, he would sail all sorts of « crazy boats. » When his father refused to pay for more sail purchases, Stjepan began working for North Sails Cape Town on commission. In 2003, he retired from the merchant marine and teamed up with Marko to start North Sails Croatia.

Since joining the North Sails team, Stjepan has won most major Croatian offshore regattas and has also raced as a match racing bowman around the world. He lives in Split with his wife and two kids, and he claims his only hobby is drinking coffee.

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