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2019 470 Europeans | Photo Gerolamo Acquarone

An exciting medal race concluded the 470 Europeans in Sanremo, Italy. With 80% of the fleet powered by North Sails, the regatta was packed full of exciting racing and continually… Read More

janvier 29, 2018

Day dreaming of sailing?

Landlocked? Cabin fever? Have not seen the sun in days? Many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are counting down the days until winter is over and we’re back on… Read More

Un couple, trois jeunes enfants, un catamaran… et six mois de congé parental pour profiter à fond de la Méditerranée, c’est le projet pour 2017 de Jérôme Aubert, 40 ans,… Read More

Being a part of the 3Di NORDAC product development team, I was excited to spend some time this winter sailing in the Caribbean with our final version sails. The project… Read More

Coming from a racing background, we set out with a goal of getting the best from Adina, our Hylas 46. Adina is an outright bluewater cruiser, designed to take on… Read More

février 6, 2017

Eighteen Miles Southwest

The winter months make New England summers all the more beautiful. Days spent on the water last, crystalized in memory from November to May. With spring comes the onset of… Read More

décembre 28, 2016

Sailing Across Oceans and Time

Many hundreds of years later, sailors from Europe stumbled upon the same islands and returned home with fantastic stories and nautical charts, some of which provided data still used in… Read More

There’s a lot of planning that goes into any long-distance cruise, even if you’re in more well-charted waters than tom partridge and Susie plume on Adina. Tom and Susie recently… Read More

août 24, 2016

Racing Your House

Accomplished One Design sailors Phil and Wendy Lotz have embarked on a new project: a liveaboard multhull. We caught up with them after their first two regattas on their new… Read More

août 24, 2016

Extreme Latitudes Only

In late 2015, childhood friends Vincent Moeyersoms, Olivier Moeyersoms, and Marc Vander Stricht bought the 53’ aluminum, French-designed exploration sailboat, Alioth. Why? Because these Belgian cruising sailors share a love… Read More

juin 17, 2016

First Hoist

Onne van der Wal and his family spent the winter restoring their 1972 Pearson 36, Snoek. And then came summer, and their reward: the first sail. The skies opened up… Read More

After just over two weeks of exploring Sri Lanka we returned to Mirissa and worked to prepare Adina for her next leg to the Maldives. A break in our preparations… Read More

Onne van der Wal and his family have spent the winter restoring their 1972 Pearson 36, Snoek. This summer they will take to the waters of Narragansett Bay to stretch… Read More

After two months of solid work in Malaysia and Thailand readying Adina for the new sailing season, we were all set to go. Our target this year is Cape Town,… Read More

« Anyone who has been fully immersed in something difficult and consequential understands the mental shift and clarity such experiences can bring. » Imagine a room in your home tilted to one… Read More

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