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Story Contributors: Allan Terhune, Tim Healy


North Experts Explain The Advantages of the J-2 and J-6

2019 J/70 World Champions powered by the J-6 jib, F-1 mainsail and AP-1 spinnaker. 📸 Sportographytv

One of the common questions we get at North Sails is “Which jib is “better, the J-2 or the J-6?” The answer is: Both jibs are great, but they fill different roles. We sail in different venues, have different sailing styles, and have different teams and equipment. So, after a lot of development and testing, we have two amazing jibs in our inventory. Understanding how the sails perform will help you make the right choice on your next order.

First, let’s start with what the sails have in common. Both are made out of our exclusive NPC Radian fabric. North NPC Radian makes possible a more sophisticated radial panel construction and offers superior shape holding over all other materials. Both the J-2 and the J-6 have been designed to take advantage of NPC Radian’s benefits.

Both jibs are constructed with a high clew, to allow for in-hauling and proper jib trim.

The other commonality is the results they produce. These jibs are fast and deliver top performance on the race course. In 2019, the J-2 won the Europeans, while the J-6 was used to win the Worlds and the North Americans. At the NA’s we saw both jibs finishing in the top four and winning races.

2019 European Champions powered by the J-2 jib, XCS-2 mainsail and AP-1 spinnaker. 📸 Zerogradinord


Here’s What Makes Each Jib Special:

J-6 J-2
  • Requires more inhaul
  • Slightly fuller entry
  • Straighter exit
  • Flatter in the head
  • Slightly more trim-sensitive
  • Requires less inhaul
  • Fuller in the head and foot
  • Less trim-sensitive, more user friendly
  • Powerful for accelerating out of maneuvers and off the start

    We repeat: Both jibs are great, but they fill different roles. Which will be right for you depends on where you sail, your team, and your style. We can confidently recommend either, because no matter which jib you choose, the top guys are translating all that development and testing into success on the race course.

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    2019 J/70 World Corinthian Champions powered by the J-2 jib, XCS-2 mainsail and AP-1 spinnaker. 📸 Sportographytv


    Oivind Lorentzen’s Team Nine, 2019 North American Champions powered by the J-6 jib, XCS-2 mainsail and Ap-1 spinnaker. 📸 Chris Howell /J/70 Class Association


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    Allan Terhune

    One Design Expert — Annapolis, Maryland

    Allan has been with North Sails since 2007 and serves as North American One Design Manager. Allan Terhune, Jr., has won 14 National and Continental Titles (in the Lightning, Flying Scot, MC Scow and Thistle Classes) and was crowned the...

    How To Choose The Best J/70 Jib headshot
    Tim Healy

    Global Head of Sales — Portsmouth, Rhode Island

    Tim has won 18 major titles, including three World Championships. A three-time All-American Sailor at St. Mary’s College in Maryland, Healy also won a Gold Medal at the 2003 Pan American Games. His success in the J/70 class includes North...

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