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Story Contributors: Eric Doyle, Markus Koy

Introducing The J-7 All-Purpose Star Class Jib

North Sails Expands Sail Inventory for Those Looking for Maximum Power

North Sails, the world leader in One Design, has added a new all-purpose jib to their inventory for the Star Class. The new sail is available now and can be delivered before the Bacardi Cup, a staple to the Star Class winter sailing schedule.

New for 2020, the J-7 is a powerful all-purpose jib for teams looking for maximum performance; this sail particularly excels in chop. The first J-7 was built over the summer and has been extensively tested, tuned and proven to deliver results throughout the development phase. A progressed design of the popular J-6 jib, this new sail utilizes a full radial panel layout for low stretch and maximum durability. North class sail designers added an entry angle down low for boats with stiffer masts and forestays.

“North Star sails enjoyed great success in 2019 and the J-7 is our first new class sail of 2020,” remarks North Sails class leader Eric Doyle. “The design brief for this was to develop a product which gives the boat plenty of power, while still being easy to trim and steer to. The J-7 is targeted towards lighter air, bumpy conditions but excels across a wide wind range. Our biggest takeaway from the R&D trial is the jib is durable and very fast throughout the range, traits our customers will quickly notice.”

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Story Contributors

Introducing The J-7 All-Purpose Star Class Jib headshot
Eric Doyle

One Design Expert — San Diego, California

Eric was raised in Pass Christian along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where he learned at a ripe young that he was hooked on sailing. After attending Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, he was scooped up by Hall of Famer...

Introducing The J-7 All-Purpose Star Class Jib headshot
Markus Koy

One Design Expert — Hamburg, Germany

Markus joined North Sails in 2012 as a one design representative. With four Olympic campaigns, four Star European Championship victories, and many nationals titles, he is quite at home talking one design. A participant in the America’s Cup in Valencia,...

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