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Story Contributors: Allan Terhune, Seadon Wijsen, Jeremy Smart, Jack Orr


Optimize Your J/111 Handicap

North Sails J/111 experts Seadon Wijsen, Jeremy Smart, Allan Terhune, and Jack Orr combine their knowledge to bring you a webinar on how to optimize your J/111 racing experience. With multiple podium finishes under their belts, they have acquired a powerful collection of tips and tricks to maximize your boat speed and increase your performance in this competitive one design fleet.

Topics covered include:

1:39 Kite Hoist
6:14 Downwind – Hoist and Set
12:43 Heavy Air Bottom Mark Rounding
15:30 Rig Tuning
20:17 Handicap Sailing with the J-111
23:15 Sail Inventory
28:19 Outboard Leads
34:13 HELIX 0A expected wind targets
35:09 Code sails choices
48:40 What Is HELIX Load Sharing Technology?
52:15 Bobstays & Code Zeros
55:36 Tweakers & Code Zeros
57:41 Spinnaker Staysail
1:02:54 Jibtops

Learn more about North Sails fast J/111 designs.

Story Contributors

Let’s Talk J/111 | Optimize Your Handicap headshot
Allan Terhune

One Design Expert — Annapolis, Maryland

Allan has been with North Sails since 2007 and serves as North American One Design Manager. Allan Terhune, Jr., has won 14 National and Continental Titles (in the Lightning, Flying Scot, MC Scow and Thistle Classes) and was crowned the...

Let’s Talk J/111 | Optimize Your Handicap headshot
Seadon Wijsen

Sail Expert — San Francisco, California San Diego, California

Serving as the Regional Sales Manager of the West Coast, and based in the San Francisco area, Seadon has been with North Sails since 2001. Seeing that the technology gap between North Sails and other sailmakers was widening, and having...

Let’s Talk J/111 | Optimize Your Handicap headshot
Jeremy Smart

Sail Expert — Gosport, United Kingdom Manufacturing – Gosport, UK

Jeremy has been part of the team since 2001. He enjoys the opportunities provided by North Sails: meeting new people, having the opportunity to sail and win races on a variety of boats in “some of the nicest places in...

Let’s Talk J/111 | Optimize Your Handicap headshot
Jack Orr

One Design Expert, Sail Expert, Service Expert — Steelpointe Harbor, Connecticut

Jack Orr is based out of Milford, Connecticut. He has been a part of our North Sails team since 1988. His expertise is found in (but not limited to) the J/88, J/109, and J/111. He has a wide range of...

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