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Story Contributors: Giulio Desiderato, Maurice O’Connell


Upwind Trim with Special Guest Federico Michetti

North Sails Melges 24 experts, Olympians and World Champion sailors Maurice ‘Prof’ O’Connell and Giulio Desiderato joined by five-time World Champion, Federico Michetti in an interactive webinar focused on maximizing your downwind speed.

5:45 Light Wind (3-6 knots)
9:55 Jibe Technique: Late Main Jibe
14:36 Light to Medium Wind (7-9 knots)
18:56 Medium Wind ( 9-14 knots)
27:55 Jibing Techniques – Normal or “Mexican”?
41:26 – Strong Wind (15-20 knots)
48:21 Super Strong Wind (25+ knots)

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Story Contributors

Let’s Talk Melges 24 | Downwind Technique headshot
Giulio Desiderato

One Design Expert — Carasco, Italy

Giulio ha iniziato a lavorare per NS nel 2015. Laureato in Economia e Commercio Giulio ha gareggiato per diversi anni in 470 partecipando a 3 campagne Olimpiche, vincendo due volte il titolo italiano ed andando a podio altre 3 volte....

Let’s Talk Melges 24 | Downwind Technique headshot
Maurice O’Connell

One Design Expert, Sail Expert — Myrtleville, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland Maurice "Prof" O'Connell is a man of many talents who can be found helming an Offshore Race Boat in the RORC Caribbean 600 or sailing a Mirror Dinghy in Cork Harbor with his children. “Prof” as he is...

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