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Bill Lesnek

Detroit Certified Service manager Bill Lesnek has been in sailmaking since 1980 and specializes in canvas and sail repairs. A keen windsurfer, Bill moved into the sailmaking industry after making and repairing his own windsurfing sails for years. He has also developed a successful kiteboard following since he made his first repair in 2005.

Bill discovered sailing after high school, when a friend suggested he work in a local sail loft. For a college baseball and football coach, this was a different and exciting challenge for Bill. Soon after he started, Bill realized he really enjoyed working on the loft floor. An encounter with North Sails founder Lowell North in the 80’s is a great memory for Bill that he still reflects upon. After spending time with Lowell while doing a big recut for his sails during the Kenwood Cup in 1984, he seemed to make an impression. When the regatta was over, someone asked Lowell about this experience with the sailmakers in Detroit, and his fond memory was of “the baseball player in the loft”.

Bill has been the expert in the sailmaking field in Detroit for almost 40 years, and has been with North Sails for a cumulative of 17 years. His passion for sailmaking has only gotten stronger and the new location in Detroit will allow Bill to expand his services and specialties.


“I can fix just about anything,” he says. “And seeing a customer’s smile when picking up a sail on time and well done is why I do this.”

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