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JB Braun

JB Braun is the North Sails Director of Design and Engineering and one of the world’s leading sail designers. His designs have won the America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race, as well as Olympic medals. Based in Marblehead, MA, he’s combined an engineering background with a lifelong passion for sailing and fast boats into revolutionary aerodynamic solutions for performance-oriented sailboats.

JB got his start working for Ted Hood and Robbie Doyle and twice campaigned for USA Olympic selection. In 2000 he developed Virtual Wind Tunnel, a computer-based coupling of computer codes with Finite Element Analysis that accurately simulates downwind sail designs. Ten years later, he became North’s project leader for 3Di and took responsibility for structural engineering and analysis, as well as integrating design and construction techniques of 3Di technology into the North Sails product line. In 2016, he developed Sail “APP,” the leading edge in advanced sail performance prediction tools. Along the way he helped design sails for winning programs like Comanche, ORACLE Team USA, and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.